Shoes care guides

How to take care of your shoes :

We want you to know how best to look after and cherish your shoes, so that they can serve you well for years to come.


General Shoe Care Advice and tips for different materials:



  • MATERIALthe most common material used to make high quality leather shoes.

  • MAINTENANCE wipe with clean dry lint gently.

  • ATTENTION : Using same color shoe polish to test on inner side of the shoes in small area if you want to wax the shoes. If everything is OK in one hour, then you can wax the whole shoes.

JWest Charis Classic platform heels



  • MAINTENANCE Wipe with clean dry lint gently.

  • ATTENTIONUsing same color shoe polish to test on inner side of the shoes in small area if you want to wax the shoes. If everything is OK in one hour, then you can wax the whole shoes.



  • MATERIALSuede is softer thinner, and not as strong as full-grain, traditional leather.

  • MAINTENANCE:For regular maintenance, use suede brush to remove any dirt and buff using the back (rubber) side of the brush if you have a stubborn mark.

  • ATTENTION : Leave suede garments at home on days when rain is in the forecast.

Verbenas - Suede Espadrilles



  • MATERIALPatent Leather is treated with a polyurethane and acrylic solution to give it its shiny, reflective surface.

  • MAINTENANCE:Best cleaned with a damp micro-fiber cloth. Care must be taken with light colour of patent leather.

  • ATTENTION : Due to the special coating of patent leather, if garments are stored incorrectly, the surfaces may stick together.                                       - Avoid anything that could scratch or dull it.                                                 - Avoid heat.

Staccato - Croc embossed Patent leather ribbon flat pumps



  • MATERIALCommonly called “Artificial leather” “PU leather”

  • MAINTENANCE:A damp soapy cloth is enough to wipe away any dirt residue.

  • ATTENTION : Leave them to dry away from heat.




  • MATERIALCommonly called "transparent PVC", molded by polyurethane thermoplastic resin. the characteristic is smooth surface like mirror, crystal clear, high value and non-toxic.

  • MAINTENANCE: Stains can be wiped with cotton cloth dipped in water and appropriate amount of detergent. Or wipe with toothpaste and clean with wet cloth.

  • ATTENTIONAvoid baking, long-term exposure under high temperature light or big sun.


Staccato Starry night crystal heels




  • MATERIALBreathable and seamlessly woven

  • MAINTENANCE: Use light color soft wet fabric to wipe the surface, if stain heavily, dip some neutral detergent and then dry naturally.

Malove - Printed Loafer



MAINTENANCE : Wipe off the dust with soft fine brush, or use soft wet fabric to wipe the stains gently or dip some neutral detergent to wipe, and then dry in the air naturally.

ATTENTIONIf you get caught in the rain and the soles do get wet, stuff the shoes with newsprint and allow them to completely dry out!


Verbenas - Summer Espadrilles Gold



  • MATERIAL : It is woven by mechanical processing of silk mesh. The characters are high toughness, good elasticity.

  • MAINTENANCE:Surface dust can be blown from inside to outside, and the regular stains can be cleaned with brush or wet cloth.

  • ATTENTIONAvoid high temperature.



  • MATERIALThis fabric is blended with modern technology, which is high gloss, good drape, soft and smooth.

  • MAINTENANCE: In case of stains, you can use clean water mixed with very few washing liquid, and gently wipe it with lint free rags. There will be watermarks when you wash the dot, so need to wipe the whole shoe together; then dry it naturally.

  • ATTENTIONBe careful of scraping when wearing, to avoid phenomenon of silk fabric.                                                                            - It is not recommended to wear in rainy days to avoid oil stains.