Shoe lace Basic Instinct - ML9P65S-3 Black

$69.90 $199.90
Color: BLK

A delightful treat for your feet, Malove Basic instinct Collection is known for its playful colours, cushion interiors and its flexible outsoles. Make it through the day in a breeze with these beauties!


MALOVE transliteration "My Love" because it's the beloved of every shoe lover. The brand is the product of love after countless iterations of beta testing, it is truly a product Made in Love.

Introducing the "One Thread" method of knitting. This results into a comfortable and environmentally friendly product. Our Green consciousness is evidence in our packaging design: each pair of shoes is packaged in a reusable canvas bag for easy carrying and storage.

Material : Flyknit

Insole : Fabric

Heel Height (inch) : 0.8

Euro Sizing

Designed in Italy


Sole Lovers provides top quality materials to our merchandise. Slight marks and colour variations are the natural characteristics of the leather, and are not considered a defect.

Due to on screen resolution, some colours of products pictures may vary from the actual product colour.

Shoe Care

Most of our shoes are made of leather, we recommend you to care for the leather with a slightly damp cloth. For suede, clean dust and dirt off with a small brush. For fabric, you may use a small brush with soap and water for cleaning.

Do take extra care of shoes embellished with crystals, beads and other accessories. Mishandling will result in the damage or dislocation of the decorative items.

Bags and Accessories

They usually require minimum care, dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Handbags made of fabric can usually be cleaned with soap and water, or treated with fabric stain removers.

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