Our Story

Sole Lovers opened its 1st Boutique in Scotts Shopping Centre in 1999.

Our founder, Mr. Edison Lee, a Marine Engineer, first 'Step Into' the shoes business in 1990, working his 'feet off’ selling Dr Martens in SE Asia

In his travel, he often noticed that woman has a unique love for shoes and somehow there’s a sparkle in her eyes whenever she fits into a nice shoes.

During a trip in Milan, he was particularly excited when he noticed a little girl picking out shoes for her mom and fussing over the colors and Intrigued that a pair of shoes can get a little girl so excited.

Upon his return, he was disappointed that most shoes in SE Asia are functional, mumsy looking and not fitted for the Asian feet.

Inspired, he sets off to seek out the most exciting and well-crafted shoes from the world over, emphasizing SQC (Style, Quality & Comfort) in every shoes.

Today Sole Lovers curates the bests of International Brands exemplifying Italian craftsmanship, Spanish Summers, Brazilian colours or that Camden Quirkiness from London.

Sole Lovers… a little fun is good for your soles !

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