Who can ever have enough shoes?
Every woman deserves the right to have beautiful shoes that exudes her confidence.
For the J West woman, style is synonymous with comfort. Showcasing high-quality finishes, each pair features a leather upper, a cushy sole and slip-resistant design that is crafted to last season after season.
J West IS Shoes, shoes that makes her feel special, gives that little extra pick-me-up, a spring in her step, and brings a smile to her face.


STACCATO is an iconic fashion footwear brand which encompasses a confident sense of style. The brand traces its root to the meaning of STACCATO.

“STACCATO” is a form of musical articulation, a note holds a grace melody that empowers creativity and diversity. It is known as a jumping notes symbolized as a contemporary lady who walks confidently with her high heels, and reflects an attitude of young and stylish.

STACCATO commits to excite and inspire the fashionista with its edgy yet sophisticated design, and expresses the cosmopolitan working ladies with their unique style every day.



VERBENAS direct from the sunny city of Alicante, Spain is the birthplace of Verbenas... the FEEL GOOD SHOES !!

VERBENAS make a product that inevitably draws on our cultural heritage as a society and as a country. 

We learned and made our artisan way simple and without artifice, and we fused it with the latest fashion trends. As a fashion brand, we are part of a specific cultural and historical moment, of a generation of men and women with whom we exchange and share impressions, to remain in continuous evolution and growth. 

In this way, we recover traditional icons of Spanish footwear and adapt them to current tastes and lifestyles, so that they can become symbols of the new urban, casual and trendy fashion.



MALOVE  believe in living everyday with passion and filled with smiles and laughters. We treasure and value the things around us and responsibly take care of our frail ecology.

We used an exclusive 1 thread construction to made our products, minimizing the use of chemical and materials.

Our products are:  Feather lite

                             Pillow walks

                             Machine washable

                             Snuggly fits


More than anything, MALOVE is a fashionista’s dream… instantly enlivening any outfits and adding jives as she strode out the walkways of styles



Oh! My Sandals are authentic 100% Made in Spain.

All our leathers and components that we use to make them are a guarantee of magnificent quality, which makes their comfort. Our design always adapted to the latest trends, with variety of range.




INUOVO like to keep things simple. We are down to earth people who reject the restrictions of the fast fashion industry and uniquely redefine the classics every season. We believe in the power of the colors of mother nature.  We love the pastel hues of the flowers, blues of the sky and the sea. Earthy colors in every shade. We are in love with the sun, bright red of an apple.

We care about the comfort, a lot. And we know a thing or two about how to make a good looking pair of shoes comfortable.

We‘re constantly working closely with our suppliers and community to keep up with the latest technology.



PENELOPE is synonymous with a way to face the day to day with the assurance that each step that is taken is important.

More than 30 years after CALZADOS PENELOPE was founded . SL ., Know-how and love for what is well done continues to drive our project. The seal of quality and excellence remains intact in each of our collections.

An imprint that has led us to spread the Spain Brand in more than 30 countries, and to become the benchmark firm in the fashion industry internationally. Commitment to our clients motivates us to improve ourselves every day.
Strict quality control and attention to detail ensure that our products reach you in the best conditions.



VITTORIA MENGONI Exquisitely handmade by Italian Craftsman, using only TOP quality Italian leathers and hand adorned accessories


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