About Brands

Who can ever have enough shoes?
Every woman deserves the right to have beautiful shoes that exudes her confidence.
For the J West woman, style is synonymous with comfort. Showcasing high-quality finishes, each pair features a leather upper, a cushy sole and slip-resistant design that is crafted to last season after season.
J West IS Shoes, shoes that makes her feel special, gives that little extra pick-me-up, a spring in her step, and brings a smile to her face.


STACCATO is an iconic fashion footwear brand which encompasses a confident sense of style. The brand traces its root to the meaning of STACCATO.

“STACCATO” is a form of musical articulation, a note holds a grace melody that empowers creativity and diversity. It is known as a jumping notes symbolized as a contemporary lady who walks confidently with her high heels, and reflects an attitude of young and stylish.

STACCATO commits to excite and inspire the fashionista with its edgy yet sophisticated design, and expresses the cosmopolitan working ladies with their unique style every day.



VIZZANO label celebrates the style and sophistication of women with remarkable personalities.

With models gathering the best of the fashion with quality and unique designs, VIZZANO is always providing comfort with innovative designs, differentiated materials and styles.

At every new collection, all the details are exclusively designed to highlight the beauty and strengthen the female attitude. As a fashion trend pioneer, VIZZANO never forgets to provide the most up-to-date styles to all fashionistas and always with the right amount of glamour.

This special personality has turned VIZZANO into a brand of   “ABSOLUTE STYLE OF LUXURY AND GLAMOUR! “



“ EASY FASHION EVERY DAY “ – is what the brand BEIRA RIO CONFORTO about.

In line with the demanding taste of the modern woman, who requires products of quality and practical, but without giving up elegance, BEIRA RIO commits to create products that combine Fashion & Beauty with Quality and Comfort in her day to day life.

The brand overcomes these challenges by reinforcing differential materials, insoles and structures that are specially designed to meet her actual needs, who play multiple roles in her everyday life.

In the brand’s list, Versatility is keyword. BEIRA RIO CONFORTO is focused in making real women’s wishes come true by creating a special place for her to be the current hottest trends!



Modare Ultraconforto is the essence of the welfare fashion. The feminine modern life story asks for shoes that go just beyond visual aspect.

Therefore, Modare Ultraconforto models deliver beauty, comfort and real sensations of softness, freshness, relaxation and hydration. 



The vibrant fashion of Moleca, besides plenty of color, beauty and vivacity, brings comfort and charm at the feet of consumers who value comfort and practical style for the day to day.

The authentic modeling and the audacious design are reference in versatility, lightness and attitude.



Molekinha was born to pleas the little consumers seeking a unique style early, giving the world a special color, a creative and funny look, with great charm and joy.

A charming collection that puts shoes of your dream on the feet of girls, since the first steps.